Health and fitness is still important in winter times

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South Africa is ranked as one of many countries in the world with the highest number of obese people. Especially now that it is winter-time, it is anticipated that this number will unfortunately continue to grow. Many people will be tempted to eat fat cakes, fried chips, instant soup and similarly fatty, unhealthy foods and snacks, and many will not even take a 30 minute walk to help their bodies to stay healthy, instead blaming the cold weather. Some people have a habit of eating a lot of pap and stew in the evening, as late as 8pm, only to go to bed immediately afterwards at Isambane News groupYMCA_Seniors_0787.-1 Health and fitness is still important in winter times  Isambane

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Isambane News images Health and fitness is still important in winter times  Isambane8.30pm, forgetting that the food in their stomach needs atleast an hour to digest itself – this is how big tummies happen over time.

Health is an integral part of a human life and, as a result, you only have one body so it is essential to treat it well so that it can last you for a very long time. Taking into consideration the kind of lifestyle that we lead today, we all perhaps recognise that taking better care of our health is crucial, yet many of us do not want to get out of this ‘’fast lane’’ lifestyle we enjoy. The downside of this situation is that thousands of South Africans suffer from illnesses that can either be prevented or improved through regular fitness and a good balanced diet.

It all begins with the respect you have for your own body. It is important to teach your body to be active, thus engaging in physical activities which can be undertaken without having to go to the gym – not having a gym membership should not be an excuse to avoid exercise. A 20 minute run in the morning or late in the evening can make a very big difference to your overall health and wellbeing.It is also important to eat a little differently in order to help your body adapt to the dry winter season. Eating a lot of food at one time means that, for most people, it slows down their metabolism – this means the rate at which the food moves through the body, ultimately resulting in weight gain if the metabolism is too slow. People also tend to forget to hydrate during the winter because of the low temperatures, forgetting that the body needs water to stay healthy and also to help keep the weight off.

Physical fitness has its benefits in the long run – it can help protect your heart and your overall body from the threat of disease, strokes, high blood pressure and obesity. It can also lighten up your mood and help you to manage stress levels better. For great overall results, it is recommended that you do a 20-30 minute workout of aerobic or cardio exercise, three or more times a week.

Here are two simple but yet challenging work out routines that one can try in the morning before going to work or starting with house chores, or maybe in the evening before dinner. Remember to always begin sessions with a few stretches to avoid muscle spasms, and take it slowly – remember that you are not forced to finish the whole sets initially. Do what you can, then gradually increase your sets as your body gets used to training, and then repeat the set twice or three times according to your strength and endurance levels

Work-out routine 1

• 30 push ups or press ups

• 15 squats

• 30 sit-ups

• 15 up & down jumps

Work-out routine 2

• 30 push ups or press ups

• 30 sit ups

• 30 up & down jumps

• 20 squats

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