4 -10 June – World Heart Rhythm Week

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World Heart Rhythm Week is an annual event that runs between 4 – 10 June and is organised by the Arrhythmia Alliance, a coalition of patients, charities and professionals who work together to promote effective diagnosis and treatment of heart arrhythmia (a disorder affecting the rhythm of the heartbeat). The aim of World Heart Rhythm Week is to raise awareness of the symptoms of heart arrhythmia in both the general public and medical profession.

For 2018, the theme of the week is “Take Fainting to Heart”. Fainting can be the first sign of a problem for someone suffering from heart arrhythmia, and the message that World Heart Rhythm Week is trying to spread this year is that fainting should not be ignored.

During the week, the Arrhythmia Alliance is asking its supporters to help spread the word by sharing information on social media, displaying information in public places, hosting awareness activities or simply making a donation.

Throughout the community, on these dates, there will be extra information about heart arrhythmia on display in GP surgeries, schools and community centres. There will also be activities such as the Pulse Check Challenge at health centres and community groups and fundraising events such as quiz nights, cake sales and coffee mornings.

Isambane News heart-rhythm-clipart-1 4 -10 June - World Heart Rhythm Week  Isambane

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