A young man making big strides in the business world

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Kamohelo Romeo Hadebe,is a young man with a clear vision and dreams to empower other young people and people respectively across the board to have financial freedom.

How did The journey start?

Mr.Hadebe went to study a B-com Degree in Economics and Finance at The University of 
KwaZulu-Natal Westville in 2012 and went to gain financial planning experience
from Sanlam Life Insurance which exposed him to the corporate world.

He went to start CAPS Wealth and Investments, which provides alternative investment opportunities for investors seeking to diversify their 
portfolios and gain exposure to high risk–high return assets from a research-informed position.

Romeo Hadebe is a licensed JP Markets representative with over 4 years of experience as a forex and derivatives trader.Together with his business partners,Romeo has trained over 2000 clients across South Africa on fundamentals of forex and derivatives trading through Caps Investor Centre. His dynamic career also spans share trading sales consultancy at GT247.com and financial planning at Sanlam.

Romeo has seen and heard so much about people who take advantage of others by robbing them off their money and promising them quick bucks without alerting people about the risk factors involved and the overall truth. The sad and alarming truth is that most of these conmen don’t have the proper training skills in place.

That is why Mr.Romeo aims to expose the professional side of trading and push the agenda of being 
qualified to do the business as the industry has been ruined by unqualified scammers and conmen.

“I’m currently registered on the FSB website as a representative of JP markets and Ican offer advice on financial market products of derivatives.”

Tips from Romeo:

A. I believe in conducting business with integrity.

B. I believe in conducting business with vast knowledge and experience.

C. I believe in the power of financial freedom and the creation of multiple streams of income.

D. I learnt to conduct business with values and respecting all my clients by being honest with them.

E. I believe it is about time as Africans that we collaborate and work together to grow our economy by doing business together.

Who Should Invest

High networth individuals seeking to diversify their portfolios;

Simply fund your account with a minimum of R100 000.

Professionals seeking to diversify their income streams;

Simply fund your account with a minimum of R10 000.

Benefits of Products:

1. Easy to use

2. Research-driven

3. Lot/Risk management

4. Save time and resources

More about CAPS Copy Trader Products:

CAPS Wealth and Investments Copy Trader offers 3 products. Namely, 3-month, 
6-month and 12 month fixed term contracts that enable an investor to mirror our trades through the JP Markets brokerage systems.

You are welcome to contact / 0761468001 / Isambane News downloadfile-3 A young man making big strides in the business world  IsambaneIsambane News IMG_20171026_212331 A young man making big strides in the business world  Isambaneromeo.capsinvestorscentre@gmail.com

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