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A Protection Order can help stop the abuse

Does your husband or your boyfriend do any of these things to you?

•           Sexual abuse: having sex with you against your will, making you perform sexual acts you don’t want to do.

•           Abusing power: always claiming to be right, telling you what to do, making decisions without consulting you.

•           Damaging your property: tearing your clothes, burning your belongings, destroying important documents e.g. ID book/passport, damaging your furniture.

•           Controlling your movements: keeping you locked in the house, isolating you from family and friends, monitoring your phone calls.

•           Abusing your children: swearing, physical abuse, sexual abuse, forcing your children to monitor your telephone calls or who visits you, using your children to steal.

•           Saying the abuse was your fault: pretending that he never hurt you, blaming all his problems on you.

•           Economic abuse: stopping you from working, taking your money, refusing to provide enough money for the household, spending the household income on alcohol, drugs or gambling.

•           Verbal abuse: putting you down, name-calling, blaming you, yelling, belittling you.

•           Physical abuse: pushing, slapping, punching, kicking, burning, biting or stabbing you.

•           Forced entry: making uninvited calls and visits, refusing to leave when asked.

•           Threats with guns or knives: or attempting to frighten or kill your children.

•           Stalking: following you wherever you go, phoning you all the time to check where you are.

If you are being abused you can apply for a Protection Order. Protection Order can tell:

•           The abuser to stop abusing you, and not to tell others to abuse you either.

•           The abuser not to enter the family home or your workplace.

•           The abuser to pay the rent and mortgage and provide money for food and other household expenses.

For more information or help with a problem of domestic violence you can:

•           Talk to a health worker at your clinic

•           Talk to a counselor from your local welfare office

•           Phone the national toll-free Stop Women Abuse hotline: 0800 150 150.

You can also contact your local police station, or phone:

•           SAPS emergency number 10111

•           SAPS Crime Stop 08600 10111

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