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Sexual Offences involve sex without consent, unwanted sexual touching or being forced to enage in humiliating sexual activity – whether it be a boy or girl.

No one has the right to force you into sexual activity,  no a matter what your relationship with this person is.

This means no one can –

·                  force you to have sexual activities without your consent

·                  touch you in a sexual way without your consent

·                  force you to perform sexual activity you find unpleasant or humiliating

How to avoid rape situations

When you go on a date…

·                  Do allow anyone to touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable – be firm and clear and say NO!

·                  Do not leave drinks or food unattended in public places.

·                  Do not accept drinks or food from strangers.  They could be spiked

·                  Do not leave a party or social event with someone you do not know or have just met – say NO!

·                  Ask friends for help if someone ignores you when you say NO!

·                  Remember: most rape victims know the rapist.  You have the right to say NO!

While travelling …..

·                  Avoid walking alone as much as possible.  Your best defence is having other people nearby.

·                  Stay in well-lit areas as much as possible.

·                  Walk on the side of the street facing traffic.

·                  Do not hitchhike

At home ……

·                  When you gat home and find that a door or window has been forced open while you were absent, do not enter.  Call the police.

·                  Never allow people that you do not know into your home.


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