Isambane News 17352356_1126864267442084_3623590604839900951_n-300x225 Flairville  Isambane

Isambane News 17343042_1131961193599058_6559433550213991892_n Flairville  IsambaneIsambane News 17342489_1133741410087703_3036223786602215511_n Flairville  IsambaneIsambane News 17353371_1130142740447570_1692104664326087797_n Flairville  IsambaneIsambane News 17353298_1126891700772674_7517465827253789565_n Flairville  IsambaneIsambane News 17309613_1131996126928898_3879726428017795614_n Flairville  IsambaneFlairville is a fashion house where elegance meet class, we enhance style with our stylish accessories for males and females.
Our knitted ties comes in different colours, lapel pins , wrists watches, Neckpieces for ladies. For orders call or WhatsApp 0726875712 , Email: thandekaszondo@gmail.com. like our page on FB: flairville . follow us on Instagram :@flairville

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