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Communities across Amajuba District are full of small businesses and enterprises many run by a single person, often from home or a small business facility.

Running a business or developing an idea into a business / turning an idea into action can be challenging, particularly when doing so on your own. Complying with regulations and rules can be overwhelming and scary, and many businesses aren’t sustainable or don’t grow as their owners wish, often because identifying and accessing cost-effective support is seen as difficult, expensive or not a valuable use of their time.

This event is part of a new initiative which seeks to provide an informal forum for local people to come together and explore both specific and general business issues, but also to hear about the wide range of FREE business support on offer to assist them in growing their business and running it effectively.

It seeks to offer aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and women in business, the platform to grow their business through powerful networking, events and training.

How might you benefit from participating?

This is a NEW initiative aimed at connecting local business people to help enhance your business through:

• Exchanging ideas
• Meeting potential clients and suppliers
• Discussions on issues affecting businesses locally
• Information on Government / Private Sector – funded business advice

Who is this event for?

• Anyone who would like to meet and engage with other local business people.
• Anyone who already runs a small business, especially those who are self-employed or who work from home, ranging from a window-cleaner or plumber through to high-tech manufacturing firm.
• Anyone who is starting or is thinking about starting their own business.
• Anyone seeking access to FREE impartial advice and guidance or any aspect of running a business.

More about the event

This session will include an overview – Business Stalls, where people will reach new customers, sell their products and promote their businesses as well as a friendly, informal networking opportunity where local people have the opportunity to meet and chat to each other, hopefully identifying new clients and suppliers, as well as exploring any collective challenges or issues.

Guest speakers will address the attendees and guide them on how to make their money and work hard.
People are urged to book early
For further information, please contact

Tel: 079 718 9765


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