Let’s Rise and Build Nquthu – Asisukume Sakhe iNquthu

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Recently, the World Health Organization, UNAids and countries such as Chile adopted Operation Sukuma Sakhe, a programme introduced by KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government as part of efforts aimed at bridging a gap between government and people on the ground.
Today, all members of the executive council led by the Premier Willies Mchunu are visiting Nquthu Local Municipality as part of Cabinet Operation Sukuma Sakhe.
Sukuma Sakhe derives from the motto engraved on the crest of the Provincial Government of KwaZulu-Natal: “Masisukume Sakhe” – Let Us Get Up and Build. It also invokes the words of the Prophet Nehemia 2:18, where he yearns for the rebuilding of a city that has been destroyed.
Sukuma Sakhe is therefore a brand which says to the citizens: ‘Government cannot go it alone; the community must stand up and join government to rebuild the fabric of our society.”
The Sukuma Sakhe Logo – which depicts two cupped hands which signify everybody putting hands together to build, also contains hands which constitute a red HIV and Aids ribbon and signifies further that we must lift one another up and also stand up, reach out to build KZN as the prophet Nehemiah stood up to rebuild Jerusalem.
Mchunu remarked: “In a democratic country, gone are the days when government employees and politicians behaved as if they were doing favour to members of the public. We are the public representatives elected through a democratic process and we serve at the will of the people. It is the integrity of those who handle public office with honour that generates the respect for the government institutions and create an image of good government.”
He further pointed out: “ Our message to the civil servants across all spheres of government is that intellectual capacity, technical qualifications and possession of rare administrative or specialized skills are a prerequisite for an efficient and effective state. However these attributes are meaningless if employed to abuse the system to the disadvantage ordinary members of society. Your skills must benefit the voters and it is for that reason why you were employed in the first place.”
He concluded: “The achievements of the last 23 years provide a foundation on which we can build a better KZN for everyone. They give us confidence that, working together, we can indeed do more. They demonstrate that the ANC has the ability, the desire and the commitment to continue to lead the ongoing struggle for a better life for all. While we have made significant progress over the last 23 years towards the achievement of a better life for all, it is important to focus on the future.”
“We must work together to build a stronger KZN thereby eradicate unemployment, poverty and inequality. Importantly, the people of Nquthu deserve solid service delivery which will eventually improve the quality of their lives. ”
Issued by the Office of the Premier
Ndabezinhle Sibiya: Spokesperson for the Premier
082 375 4742

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