Isambane News 28056574_2183157718377825_2511650803403809851_n-300x200 LIFE IMPRISIONMENT FOR RAPE  Isambane

During March 2016, the victim, a 14 year old boy, took ill and the elders thought he will be cured by a Traditional healed (A ZCC Reverend). The healer told the family that there is something terribly wrong with the boy and they must bring him to his house every night. The family did as instructed by the reverend. The victim went there for three nights. After that the victim refused to go back. The family questioned him as to why he didn’t want to go back. He was shy to tell them why. Eventually he ended up telling them that the reverend is having sex with him at night.

According to the victim he asked the reverend why he was having sex with him and the reverend shouted at him telling him that this is the way to heal him. The elders reported the matter to the police and the Newcastle FCS Unit took over the investigation.

The suspect was arrested immediately and he was kept in custody since then until he was trialled at the Madadeni Regional Court and convicted and sentenced on 05/02/2018. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. The family and community were pleased with the investigation done by the investigating officer, Sgt Kubheka, and the sentence handed down to someone they trusted so much, a “Wolf in Sheeps skin”

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