Local news SANCO marches for service delivery and corruption

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South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) held a peaceful protest march on November 24, to deliver a memorandum of complaints to the Newcastle Municipality.

They were protesting about high water and electricity rates in the Emalahleni District, mal-administration and corruption in municipalities, unemployment and landlessness.

Starting at the corner of Albert Wessels Drive and Allen Street, it was the first march embarked upon by the Khuma Mhlali campaign of the SANCO.

SANCO Regional Secretary, Mdu Hlatshwayo said the march was not aimed at attacking anyone, but to get the attention of the municipality.

Mr Hlatshwayo further complained about the service delivery in their area was too slow and there were too many unfinished projects and development issues in the townships.

“They dig up roads and leave the job incomplete because there isn’t enough money to finish it. These holes get filled with water and children swim in them. The dirty water poses a great health risk to the community and makes the area unappealing. SANCO is now putting its foot down and saying enough is enough!”
He said the closure of H39 was problematic because in the event of emergencies ambulances and police can’t reach the residents.

“Our high bills compensate for all the corruption that goes on in the municipality. We know there is a lack of funds in Newcastle and we are concerned for our well-being,” he concluded.

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