Mayor’s Festive Season Message Cllr Dr Musa Ngubane

Isambane News 48392326_1963127773784903_105972171930599424_n-200x300 Mayor’s Festive Season Message  Cllr Dr Musa Ngubane  Isambane

That time of the year has arrived where families come together to celebrate the festive season. It is a season to show love, giving to the needy, showing compassion and most of all to forgive. We have emerged from the year filled with many challenges that most we have overcame.

We have learnt valuable lessons that we are taking forward into the New Year. As Amajuba District Municipality we will continue with our quest to bring and deliver quality services to our communities. Our doors are opened for those with suggestions to make our Municipality work better.

We have learnt valuable lessons that we are taking forward into the New Year. Amajuba District Municipality will continue with its quest to bring quality services to our communities, working closely with our communities. We wish to thank the employees of Amajuba District Municipality who have dedicated their time and life in changing the lives of the people of Amajuba District. We are inspired by your hard work and sacrifices.

We are aware of the excitement that is brought by the Christmas period into the society.

We would like to appeal to motorists and pedestrians to take extra care on the roads. We have experienced many road fatalities where we lost many lives. Let us make this Christmas special by reducing road fatalities. Let us all obey the traffic rules to enable us to arrive alive. Let us have our car checked before embarking on long trips, let us have enough rest on the road and importantly let us not drink and drive.

We must all put the road carnage aside and wish for everybody to spend time with the family. We have observed high level of criminal activities because most people will be away. We call upon our communities to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the Police. We must show that we do care for each other by protecting the properties of the fellow human being.

As Christmas and the New Year approach, we ask you to think about those who are unwell, who have been bereaved, the elderly, the vulnerable and those who feel lonely, and be a good neighbour in this season of goodwill.

As the year draws to a close we all have to take some time to reflect on what progress we have made in pursuit of the objectives and ideals we have set for ourselves during this year. As we break for the season, let us all embrace compassion and be considerate to those who are less fortunate. Let us strive to revive our morals and may we seize the opportunity provided by the festive spirit to reconcile as communities and as individuals so that we may live in peace, prosperity and harmony.

It is my wish that you and yours will enjoy and celebrate a festive season full of cheer and happiness.

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