Isambane News 22688586_1984028428482071_5853896608306812393_n.jpg NEWCASTLE POLICE WARNS COMMUNITY ABOUT CRIME  Isambane

Newcastle Police are appealing to the community to be careful especially when they park their vehicles around the shops (businesses). Do not leave visible items that can draw the attention of criminals to break and steal from your car. Items like laptops, cell phones and tools that are left on the seats of the cars are inviting criminals to break and steal. We are also warning those who accumulated money in a “stokfel” form to be extra careful when sharing that money.

It is not nice to work hard and save from January only to lose that money in 15 seconds, organize with your relevant banks to deposit your savings into the different accounts or the relevant members. Those who will be away during this festive season must organize people who will take care of their properties; you can also organize with your neighbours to check for you while you are away

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