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Newcastle SAPS would like to warn the members of the public to be on high alert on fraud scams committed in Newcastle and surrounding areas. This warning comes after a number of fraud cases were reported where criminals would approach the victims while at the ATM withdrawing money and interrupt them. While the victims are confused, the suspect will then swap the bank card and quickly visit another ATM to withdraw the victim’s cash.

In another scam the victims would purchase items from the internet or through the advertisements on newspapers. When they call the seller to make a follow up regarding the advertisement, they will be given banking details to deposit the money. After the money had been deposited, the victim will be asked again to deposit the money for transportation of the items. As soon as the money is deposited the suspect’s cellphone will be switched off or disconnected.

We urge the members of the public to be very cautious when withdrawing money at the ATMs and also when they are doing internet transactions. The community is also warned to be cautious on the advertisements placed on the newspapers as some are not the genuine but scams. They must also avoid making transactions to the account numbers of the dealers that they are not sure of. Anyone with information about the suspects involved in these scams to please contact their local police or our Crime Stop number on 08600 10111.

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