Isambane News image027-300x188 POSSESSION OF DAGGA , SUSPECT ARRESTED  Isambane

Isambane News image027 POSSESSION OF DAGGA , SUSPECT ARRESTED  IsambaneAn intelligence Driven Operation was conducted on 29 June 2018 in the morning at Osizweni Policing area with the assistance of Osizweni Crime Prevention Unit members from Osizweni SAPS, the said members were following an information regarding Drugs and other cases at Osizweni Policing area ,the said members proceeded to a certain house at (C)Section at Osizweni Policing area on arrival there they recovered one Sasko plastic bag containing Dry Loose Dagga and ten pokes of Dry Loose Dagga all weighing 0,268 KG. The Operation yield a positive result as they arrested one African male suspect for possession of Dagga ,a (23) year old suspect was arrested for possession of Dagga ,all the Dagga recovered estimated to the street value of plus or minus one thousand four hundred rand.

The arrested suspect will appear in Madadeni Magistrate Court, soon for possession Drugs.

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