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·        Ensure that your vehicle is in a good condition when you plan to go on a journey.

·        Ensure that the fuel tank of your vehicle always has sufficient fuel.

·        Always lock your vehicles doors and keep the windows closed.

·        Do not leave your vehicle unlocked, even if you think you will be away for only a minute.

·        Avoid to stop at remote places.

·        Park your vehicle in places that are well lit.

·        If a stranger wants to talk to you while in your vehicle, do not open the window wide -only 5 cm is enough to have a     discussion.

·        If something seems suspicious, do not talk to strangers, rather be rude and drive away.

·        Limit your trips at night or at least take someone along with you.

·        Vary the route you travel to work and back, if this is possible.

·        If approached by a stranger while in your car, drive off if possible or press your hooter to attract attention.

·        If strangers loiter near or at your driveway, rather drive past. If they loiter for a long time, report it to your nearest police station.

·        Car jackers may stage a minor accident so they can approach your car.

·        If your car is bumped from behind and you do not feel comfortable with the individual(s) involved in the situation, drive to the nearest police station for help.

·        Do not reach for your purse or valuables. Leave everything behind if forced from the car.

·        Your life is more valuable than your possessions.

·        Do not resist, especially if the thief has a weapon.

·        Give up your vehicle with no questions asked and move away.

·        A lift club limits the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

·        Do not give strangers a lift.

·        A gear lock is an affordable and a very effective anti-theft device.

·        If possible, put up a mirror against the front wall of your garage to see if someone is following you into the garage.

·        Do not open your garage doors before your gates are closed.

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