Isambane News 22688586_1984028428482071_5853896608306812393_n.jpg SAFETY PRECAUTION TO ALL STOKVEL MEMBERS  Isambane

Isambane News 12039703_1195108233849450_69888603266888234_n SAFETY PRECAUTION TO ALL STOKVEL MEMBERS  Isambane


v As we are approaching the Festive Season , Newcastle Communication provide are sending the following safety precautions to all stokvel members to take extra precaution when dividing or sharing their money during this festive season. Community members must not carry large amount of cash as they might be robbed by criminals.


v This is the season when stokvel members are most vulnerable.  Having set aside their hard earned money through-out the year, they now expect to buy groceries or Christmas gifts that they would not have been able to afford, had they not saved for them.  Alas! Criminals also know that this is stokvel time and wait to pounce on unwary victims.


v We call on the public to be extra-vigilant when carrying large sums of money to be deposited at the bank or when making large withdrawals.  Always keep your money where it cannot be easily snatched away from you and watch if you are being followed.  Try not to be alone but have someone dependable and trustworthy accompany you.


v The fact that you have stokvel money at home should not be made public.  Remember that, over the years neighbors, friends and even family members have been arrested for stealing stolvel money.  If large sums of money have to be kept at home , keep it locked in a safe place or somewhere secure so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.


v Remember it is those that are closest to you that inevitably leak this information to criminals


v People who need to have large amounts of money available to make purchases should use bank cards or do to electronic transfers.  Doing electronic transfers, for example, not only saves time but can completely mitigate the risk of becoming a robbery victim.  Consult you bank for more advice in this regard.


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