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Newcastle SAPS would like to sensitize motorists not to become victims of theft out of motor vehicle. Cases of theft out of motor vehicles in our policing precinct are being investigating. Suspect’s modus operandi; they use the remote control to stop you not to lock your car especially when using a central lock.
Isambane News 12039703_1195108233849450_69888603266888234_n SAFETY TIPS FOR MOTORISTS  Isambanev When parking your vehicle; ensure that your doors are locked by checking them with your hands.
v Use your central lock while standing close to your vehicle.
v When driving around the CBD, ensure that your windows are slightly opened or closed.
v Always be on alert when approaching intersection and the red robots; most of the suspects are roaming around those places.
v Your doors must be locked at all times.
v Never display your valuables on the car seat
v Do not leave your vehicle unlocked, even if you think you will be away for only a minute.
v Avoid to stop at remote places.

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