Isambane News camera-picture-033-300x225 SUCCESS BY AMAJUBA TASK TEAM  Isambane

Isambane News camera-picture-035 SUCCESS BY AMAJUBA TASK TEAM  IsambaneOn Wednesday 4 January 2017, the Amajuba Cluster Task Team members held an operation at Madadeni policing area , while they were busy patrolling they burst into a suspect who was in possession of 103 pokes of dagga weighing 1.10kg. The suspect was then arrested for possession of dagga.

The Task Team members also confiscated 36 dangerous weapons through stop and search , amongst the weapons found, there were okapi knives, bush knives and kitchen knives.

The Station Commander of Madadeni SAPS Colonel FB Alexander applauded the members for the great success and further alluded to them the importance of police visibilty in our community and emphasized that such weapons are key instrument used in committing crimes like robbery and attempted murder, therefore are not supposed to be carried around by public.

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