Isambane News 22688341_1984028938482020_8306543457660093610_n.jpg-300x169 SUSPECT NABBED BY NEWCASTLE FCS UNIT FOR RAPE, ROBBERY AND MURDER  Isambane

Isambane News 22688341_1984028938482020_8306543457660093610_n.jpg SUSPECT NABBED BY NEWCASTLE FCS UNIT FOR RAPE, ROBBERY AND MURDER  Isambane

During the month of October. Members of the Newcastle FCS Unit received two cases whereby victims were taken behind Meadowlands Estate (Rumelin Stadium) whereby they had been hijacked their vehicles, raped, their cellphones taken, they were threatened by the use of a firearm but in both occasions nobody was shot.

This happened in two weekends in a row, which led the Unit to notice that it was done by the same people who are around section 4 and section 3 Madadeni. Information was followed but the suspects were still unknown. The first incident involved just one female victim. The second incident which took place the following weekend involved a female and a male victims. In both occasions the females were raped using a firearm to get compliances from the victims.

Few days after those two rape cases. A man who was with his female companion in a car which was parked at the Rumelin stadium, was shot and he dead on the spot and his vehicle was taken with the female still inside the vehicle when the suspect drove off with it. The vehicle overturned, and that allowed the female to escape from suspect. The suspect then stopped another motor vehicle, he shot the driver of that vehicle causing him major injuries and fled the scene with his car. Another case of Murder and Attempted murder was opened at the Madadeni Police station.

The FCS Unit followed up on these cases and it lead them to section 5 Madadeni, whereby an African male from Empangeni was arrested and found with a 45 mm pistol and he confirmed to the police that he killed the driver of the white vehicle that overturned and that he raped another female using the same firearm. Investigation led to other five suspects that were chased by the FCS Unit from Madadeni to Mondlo area. They then fled Mondlo to Msinga and that is where they apprehended.

Three firearms were found and all victims property were recovered which linked them to the Madadeni Rape, Robbery and Murder cases.

All suspects are currently at Empangeni/ Richardsbay area attending other Armed Robbery and Murder cases, which they had fled from to come and hide in Madadeni. Unfortunately for them they got caught by the Newcastle FCS police and therefore linked to different cases in KZN.

They will appear at the Madadeni court soon

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