Today marks World Hunger Day

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As today marks World Hunger Day, The African Children Feeding Scheme famously known as “Mmalebese”calls on community members to start food gardens in a bid to fight hunger.

Today the organization has housed community members at their feeding centre in Naledi where they are educating the community about starting-up food gardens.

According to the South African Early Childhood Review (2017) shows that two-thirds of children under 6 in South Africa live in the poorest 40% of households, where unemployment rates are high and living conditions are poor, for these children, experiencing hunger can be part of their daily reality.

Stats SA shows that a third of children living in Gauteng and the Free State alone, suffer from stunted growth due to lack of nutrition, and over 21% of children across South Africa were underweight for their age in 2016.

Founder of African Children Feeding Scheme Phindi Hlalele says today they will also emphasize on the importance of preserving food like drying vegetables.

Hlalele also calls on the community to land a helping hand to those who are from poor backgrounds

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