Isambane News 11535849_1597932967122565_3930852047144255190_n.png-300x202 UTRECHT STOCKTHEFT UNIT MAKES ARREST  Isambane

On 2017-08-13 during routine patrols members of Normandien SAPS stopped a motor vehicle that was transporting a carcass. On further investigation the suspect led them to Ballengeich to the person from whom he bought the carcass. The members then discovered the carcass of three more cattle had been shot. One suspect was arrested for the Possession of the Meat and one suspect arrested for Stock Theft. With the assistance of Dannhauser SAPS five more cattle were recovered in the kraal of the second suspect. These cattle were linked to cases in Newcastle , Normandien and Dannhauser. On further investigation the of the cases, Sergeant Lepholo of Utrecht Stocktheft Unit arrested three suspects on the Newcastle case. The case has been remanded and the accused remain in custody after being denied bail.

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