While others were still searching for motivation, Siyabonga “Siya M” Mthethwa went on to make his dreams a reality.

Isambane News 30707793_1932817827030352_5290614292297547776_n-200x300 While others were still searching for motivation, Siyabonga “Siya M” Mthethwa went on to make his dreams a reality.  Isambane

Siyabonga Mthethwa also known as “Siya M Isambane”, believes in continuous self enhancement.He went on to open and run an educational Online Youth Radio Station (Radio 034 –The Voice of the Youth) in January 2018 and has managed to gain a listenership of more than 13 000 listeners during that time, and the number keeps growing daily. However, the Newcastle community began to really experience the power of the station in April this year.

Radio 034 is a 24-hour South African educational youth internet radio station, broadcasting internationally. It targets both influential and up market audiences across major cities in South Africa and abroad. The online station is also private and follows the commercial trends.

034’s very own master of ideas, Siya M, once worked as a Radio Presenter at Newcastle Community Radio from 2015 until 2017, but left it to pursue other projects. He’s owns a local community newspaper – Isambane News, which he founded in 2016 as well as food and beverage company – Be Cool Products ,which he founded in 2017.

“I have always wanted community related issues, especially youth issues to be known internationally without boundaries or conditions. When you broadcast on frequency, one has to operate under ICASA and I do not agree with a number of conditions stipulated by it. I chose not to follow the journalism style that is being practiced in my country,” said Siya M.

The station’s programming content is different, inspirational, educational,fun as well as news driven. The content of the station is aimed at challenging the socio-economic matters that affect each and every citizen’s life, including 034’s overall communities’ well-being.

Siya M added, ’’Our programming content is the most specialized – each show has its own target market and aims to educate and enhance the livelihoods of the youth and corporate communities around the country.’’

The station has Siya M behind the mic – Siyabonga Mthethwa. He presents the Siyaphambili Drive Experince programme on Radio 034, weekdays from 3-5 pm with Andisa Bethani ,also known as Aze Size. He says, ‘’A lot of people in our community ,especially young people lack reliable information; Radio 034 is the platform to share this much needed information. The Siyaphambili Drive Experience programme is also about empowering individuals and the sharing of valuable information amongst both the young and old.’’
Isambane News 30707793_1932817827030352_5290614292297547776_n While others were still searching for motivation, Siyabonga “Siya M” Mthethwa went on to make his dreams a reality.  Isambane
The station is at Newcastle, Victorian Mall where students and the youth are given a platform to broadcast live and help them to unleash their talent. Its network and listenership base across the country and beyond. It delivers radio content that aims to forge corporate and social exchange programmes between all areas of society, and it serves the information needs of those international communities that share the same sentiments.

The station provides a unique broadcast platform which allows students and the youth in general to express their views not only in their classroom but potentially to a worldwide audience. Radio 034 broadcasts live shows and pre recorded programs over the web on www.radio034.co.za.

The 034 communities has welcomed the station, but many are hoping it can changed to a frequency station whereby it will be accessible to everyone.

Radio 034 – The Station with Sensation!

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