Isambane News images AVOID USING FOOTPATHS / SHORT-CUTS  Isambane

Isambane News images AVOID USING FOOTPATHS / SHORT-CUTS  Isambane
There are cases being reported of people getting robbed using short-cuts.

Below are tips to help to keep you from being that “easy target.”

v Newcastle Community are hereby warned by the police to avoid using short-cuts / footpaths between FET College Amajuba and Farmers Hall that open space is not safe anymore. People are being robbed off their belongings by the criminals.

v Avoid displaying and carrying large sums of money or valuable jewelry in public.

v Leave your purse at home if possible. If you must carry one, carry the smallest one you have.

v Be alert and aware. Pay full attention to who is around you when you are in public.

v Know your destination and route.

v Avoid text messaging and talking on the phone.

v Use the buddy system. If you must walk alone, choose open, well-lit, and well-traveled areas.

v Avoid taking shortcuts through deserted areas such as parks, playgrounds and vacant lots.

v If you sense that you are being followed, change directions or cross the street. If the person persists, run to the nearest place where you’ll find people.

v Do not allow a stranger to follow you to your doorstep. Go to a public place where you can call the police whenever you feel threatened.

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