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Be crime conscious – be aware of crime opportunities at all times!

Ø Never walk around alone and don’t talk to strangers. Be on the lookout for strange cars or people.

Ø Walk in well-lit busy streets and in a group, if possible.

Ø Make sure your home is secure, and become a member of an armed response service. Be sure that you know all the emergency numbers or have them displayed in an accessible area.

Ø Always let someone know where you are going and how long you will be gone. But think twice before advertising your impending absence on social media. Criminals also have access to Facebook and Twitter.

Ø Know all emergency numbers.

Ø Trust your instinct.

Ø Avoid going onto a congested street where you cannot even walk properly, that is where you will find criminals pick pocketing.

Ø Avoid displaying valuables where criminals can see them

The Street

Ø Always be aware of your surroundings, with particular interest to individuals near and around you. If someone looks suspicious or makes you feel uneasy, avoid that person. Go inside a store or business if necessary. If you must make a call while you are walking, go to a safe, public place, like a store. Make your call, then conceal your phone the way you would conceal your cash before going back to the street.

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