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Isambane News Uthukela invites students who finished their studies in Marketing Management to submit their applications with the all requirements as stated below:

Job Purpose: To ensure that the newspaper brings in good revenue by presenting, promoting and selling the newspaper’s activities and opportunities to new and existing clients.

 Prospective applicants must be in possession of a Grade 12 and tertiary qualification in Marketing management with relevant experience in marketing.
 Knowledge of sale and marketing techniques
 The successful candidate must demonstrate the ability to maintain sales interpersonal relationship and have excellent communication skills.
 The successful candidate must have excellent organizational skills, numerical skills and computer proficiency in Micro Soft Office.
 Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines and targets.
 Current and future problem solving and decision making.
Key Responsibilities:
 To deal with all sales related matters of Isambane News Uthukela
 Prepare advert flighting Schedule and load adverts on the website
 Prepare and draft Quotations
 Write and Submit reports as required by Isambane News Uthukela Clients
 To Develop Sales Budget.
 Prepare all necessary documents for the Newspaper distribution.
 Build good relations with clients.
The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following area:
 Good client service
 To develop sales and marketing budget
 Delegations
Send us your CV, certified copies of your I.D, Matric Certificate, and Tertiary Qualification in Marketing Management.
Please forward the above mentioned documents to before the 31st May 2018 @ 17HOO or call / whatsapp on 060 828 4263 / 079 718 9765 #IsambaneNews #SibuyaNazoZishisa

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