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Isambane News 57039805_2168215109925462_6921255135108661248_n-300x225 It’s almost wings up for Newcastle Airport  | Isambane News  Isambane

Following the official opening on the 17th of April 2019, after the Newcastle Airport Terminal underwent a full makeover and extension. The Newcastle Municipality would like to inform the general public on the current status of the Newcastle Airport.

Isambane News 57039805_2168215109925462_6921255135108661248_n-1 It’s almost wings up for Newcastle Airport  | Isambane News  Isambane
Newcastle Airport

The municipality has appointed SA Air Link as the official carrier which will provide us with scheduled flights from Newcastle to O.R. Tambo

The process of the scheduled flights can take some time to put in place as indicated by the Civil Aviation Authority and the carrier due to the fact that our route has to be advertised internationally since we will be flying into an International Airport. However, we are working our way around it and hope to fly soon.

We are currently number 53 on the list of routes to be advertised. Our slot will only be advertised in February 2020 and can take up to six months for final clearing and awarding. Although it seems a long way off, it will serve the residents of Newcastle well, once fully operational. In the meantime, the municipality is busy installing a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) which will allow a larger variety of aircraft to be able to land at our airport in bad weather conditions.

This system is like a highly advanced GPS system that interacts with the aircraft to guide it to safe landing and take-off. The municipality has also entered into an agreement with a car hire facility that will be operating from the terminal. Furthermore, we have also allocated a service provider to run a Coffee Shop at the Airport.

They can start at any moment, but it would be ideal to start when there are scheduled flights and more people using the airport. We are busy with a few more companies that would like to take up rental space, only then it will become profitable. So all in all Newcastle is in for a very exciting experience soon and we urge the public to be patient with us.

Issued by the Newcastle Municipality Communications Unit. For more information contact Dr Dumisani (PD) Thabethe; Head of Communications at or 082 788 8344

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