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Isambane News 59347632_2192114574434008_1213775989985771520_n-300x225 Newcastle Municipality Mayor Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba is appealing to residents to remain calm |  Isambane News  Isambane

Dr Mahlaba’s call comes in the wake of rumors that a protest action has been planned for tomorrow, which might lead to a total disruption and impact negatively on the day to day lives of residents. The Newcastle Municipality is a public institution which is committed to serving its residents in an open, transparent and accountable manner. As a people centred institution we believe in dialogue and engagement with those we serve, the people of Newcastle. We are strongly committed to engaging with everybody that has concerns, and we believe that it can be done through constructive engagements without violent protests. We also call upon organizers of the protest to abandon any plans to disrupt the daily operations of our residents. Mayor Dr Mahlaba is concerned about the fresh threats of violence towards Newcastle residents.

“Calls for violent protests are a clear indication of backwardness, and are counter progress towards the inimitable strides that we have taken to implant order and peace. As a municipality our prime objective is to ensure that service delivery is not disrupted and the safety of our residents remains a major concern. We don’t condone any acts of violence, but remain open to a civil dialogue. Claims that our municipality is in a state of paralyses are baseless, such assertions are tantamount to malice. Our financial reserves are showing signs of recovery, especially as we are teething towards a much healthier financial status. Residents will be kept informed of these developments. We’ve proven that our challenges are not insurmountable,” remarked Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba.

The municipality also notes the speculative claims regarding the parking employee. The employee confessed in full council of witnesses that he was defrauding motorists in order to make an extra income. He further shed light about the involvement of senior managers. Dr Mahlaba requested for the matter to be swiftly resolved and is currently waiting for a report back. The municipality has taken a tough posture in combating corruption and will deal with it decisively, without fear or favour. The gross misinterpretation of the event is worrying. Municipal units are working tirelessly to resolve critical issues that continue to plague our communities. Teams have been dispatched to monitor the progress in restoring our water and electrification infrastructure. Residents who owe the municipality are being reminded to make payment arrangements to prevent power cuts.

The municipality has had a marathon of meetings with the aggrieved parties regarding the dismissal of municipal workers, most of whom were charged for various transgressions. Concerned residents are urged to practice patience until all processes have been exhausted. We make a clarion call to residents to assess and critically scrutinise movements that selfishly serve the interests of individuals instead of the general populace of Newcastle. We trust that our residents will make informed decisions. The municipality will work closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure that the rumoured protest doesn’t spiral out of control.

  • For more information contact:
  • Newcastle Municipality Chief Communication Officer
  • Mlungisi Khumalo
  • 074 535 9794
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